My name is Erika Maglio (pronounced MAH-lee-o -- just pretend you are very Italian when you say it! Given that, however, I'm not all that Italian). 

I have jumped from school to school, major to major...and finally settled on Biology. Estimated graduation: no clue.

I like animals. Creepy, crawly, furry, scaly, slimy; you name it. And to go along with it, I like dirt and grass and natury-things. I volunteer/intern at the zoo, where my best friend is an 8-month-old binturong with a nasty temper. At home, I have a Great Dane, two cats and a tortoise (Mum won't let me get a snake. Or a bunny. Or a goat.).

My family moved into a new house in 2013. We've spent the last few months working on a giant, never-ending, restoration project. I'm in the process of turning the attic into my bedroom.

I like fruits & veggies, dinosaurs, antique furniture, classic novels, hiking, tattoos, camping, gardening, cooking food from other countries, crochet, traveling, and anything historical (particularly the Civil War Era).

 In short, I'm kind of weird.

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